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William Wozniak

Music Composer


Get an overview of Wozniak's portfolio through a video presentation (2019 edition)

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Last Releases

Listen to latest releases: the singles THE ESCAPE, REACH FOR THE STARS and the album OLYMPUS

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William Wozniak

William Wozniak is a music composer based in Zürich, Switzerland.


Born in France on May 24, 1990, Wozniak started playing music at the age of 7 by taking Celtic harp lessons at the Municipal Music School of Évreux. He then moved to Thonon-les-Bains and began studying Cello at the age of 11. Wozniak joined the city's orchestra and participated in numerous projects including classical concerts but also collaborations with pop-rock bands where he interpreted alternatively the role of cellist, pianist or singer.


Passionate about classical music and film music since his youth, William Wozniak wrote his first composition in 2003. Self-taught, he rapidly gained in maturity and technique and participated in the composition of short films in partnership with film associations in Paris in 2010. 


William Wozniak regularly participates to musical projects and competitions, and experiments new directions in his studio in Zürich, Switzerland. In 2017, he released his first album OLYMPUS containing 15 tracks, followed by a single REACH FOR THE STARS, both highlighting his large musical portfolio. In 2020, Wozniak took part in FMF Young Talent Award Contest of Krakow, and advanced to the top 10 finalists.



Listen to selected music pieces grouped into three playlists



Watch below few scoring projects composed for drama, sport event and uplifting scenes

Etiqueta Negra - 9th ZFF Film Music Competition 2021

William Wozniak
Etiqueta Negra - 9th ZFF Film Music Competition 2021
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Etiqueta Negra - 9th ZFF Film Music Competition 2021

Etiqueta Negra - 9th ZFF Film Music Competition 2021

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Latest News


Listen to the rescoring work of David Verges' movie "ETIQUETA NEGRA" for the 9th International Film Music Competition of the 2021 Zürich Music Festival.

The original music was composed for orchestra by William Wozniak.


Find below Wozniak's latest news, including new releases, projects, contests and collaborations



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